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  Reliance Industries Ltd., Baroda
Polymer Cleaning in Reactor Tubes -
All companies having tried and failed to clean the internal bore of this reactor tubes, Koins undertook the task.

Using rotoflush technology with a combination of specialized nozzles, the work which started off as demo turned into a massive cleaning operation wherein a shutdown was taken and entire 27 tubes had to be cleaned.
  IOCL, Panipat
Cleaning of 100% choked exchanger tubes in PTA plant
On receiving a call late in the night from M/s IOCL, our emergency task force was rushed into action and crew and machinery left the same evening for an emergency shutdown.

On reaching site within 48 hours, we were briefed about tall claims made by other agencies but end result was a delayed shutdown and not a clean tube.

Using a technique called hand moling with a high flow rate pump and special cutting nozzles, the job was finished within 36 hours which had previously taken upto 5 days.
  Reliance Industries, Nagothane.
Clean up of cyclone top dome and associated piping
The plant having faced on of its worse accident called upon us for our services. Having heard of the severity of the accident and expecting the worse, we entered with a prayer.

The job was tough and demands were high. The plant wanted to see a polished finish using jetting. We had to improvise on site as the cyclone dome was over 9 meters in diameter. Using a combination of secured rigid lances and high velocity BJV self rotating head, job was completed successfully and plant start up posed no problems.
  Numaligarh Refinery Ltd., Assam
Cleaning of DCU heater.
The DCU heater having tripped put the entire plant into a tizzy. Firstly having to ascertain the root cause and finally the solution.

We were called to help out. A supervisor along with the director flew out to Assam to assist. We recommended the bottom tubes be opened and inspected. There were blocked. Options were a plenty to clean the same but time was short. On rummaging through the plants resources we found a high pressure machine with some lances.

Putting it all together and getting it started took a while but after 24 hours working through the night the bottom 2 tubes were cleaned.

Plant tried starting up but again trip, a decision was taken to open all tubes and clean the same. Our equipment and manpower was flown in from Mumbai and the entire furnace INCLUDING 'U' bends was successfully cleaned and plant brought back online.
  Reliance Industries Ltd., Patalganga
Change of catalyst and gasket in reduction zone in platformer after a minor fire.
A minor fire in the reduction zone of the platformer brought the PX plant to a grinding halt. M/s Koins were once again called to help out. Time was of the essence, catalyst had to be unloaded under nitrogen, man entry had to be done under inert conditions to open the transfer pipes and the reduction zone had to be lifted for change of gasket which had given way. Non availability of large crane at such short notice, forced us into improvising a kind of chain block arrangement for the massive left using safety certified lifting jigs. The end result a 100% safe job bringing a smile to the face of plant personnel.
  Essar Jetty (VOTL)
Cleaning of product Lines upto loading Arm
The terminal was faced with a peculiar problem, of wanting to clean their product lines in the jetty area leading upto the loading arm. The lines were of 32" in diameter and over 500 meters long. Already being in service a cut was ruled out and conventional pigging was difficult as there was no outlet for retrieval of pig.

A combination of specially designed squeezy pigs from Korea with rotoflush technology proved successful with a repeat order for other lines.
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