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1) Comprehensive Heat Exchanger Servicing ; Bundle Pulling ; High Pressure Cleaning (single and multi lance, flexible and rigid lance, hydraulic external and internal bundle cleaner)
2) Hydro Blasting applications from 10000 psi to 43000 psi such as surface preparation and cold cutting.
3) Vessels and column cleaning using 3D tank cleaning head -900 bar
4) Pipe cleaning with rotoflush
5) Pipeline flushing , pigging and drying ( including for commissioning for plants)
6) Decoking of furnaces using specially designed and patented pigs.
- Pre-operational and maintenance cleaning ( piping , utility or process boilers, hydraulic and lube oil systems).
- Pickling and passivation
1) Spading / despading of lines, systems.
2) Torque Tightening
3) Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
4) Flange Facing , Reactor Internal and Screen Repairs
5) Column and Tower Maintenance
6) Testing of heat exchanger ( pneumatic or hydro testing )
1) Unloading/Loading of Catalyst and Screening under Toxic and Inert Atmosphere.
2) Arrange safe collection and transportation to disposal or metal recovery facilities.
3) Dense Loading Technology along with our associate companies.
4) Internal repair and Modifications of Reactor/Column internal under Inert Atmosphere
5) Specialized Tubular reactor (EO) change out.
6) Video Inspection & recording with Explosion proof Camera.
7) Advanced Life support system, to assure highest possible safety for our working personnals.
8) Explosion proof Lighting for Safe Working in reactor/Column.
9) Highly Experienced, Certified Technicians.
  Our Equipment
HPWJ Pump 1000 bar
(Roto-Flush)- Kamat
Pipeline Flushing System
4- 48 pipes
Torque Tightening
UHPWJ PUMP 2500 bar
Flow Intercorp
Breathing Apparatus Vacuum Units
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